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Seventh Street Media Tone Deaf

An institution and local voice for everything that matters to Australians in music from the fringe to the forefront, delivered with a brazen tone and fresh point of view.

Tone Deaf’s audience is opinionated, but not jaded, and primarily made up of worldly, early-adopting millennials. They like information straight- up, with a sprinkling of sass - that’s Tone Deaf to a (scoop neck) tee.

Key Demographic:

18-35 year old, Male & Female
Also love: Comedy, festivals, alcohol, food, fashion, technology, travel

Key Numbers:

130,000 followers on Facebook generating 25,000,000 monthly reach
27,000 active subscribers Tone Deaf newsletter


Tone Deaf website, Tone Deaf official Facebook page, Tone Deaf newsletter, Tone Deaf Twitter.
Seventh Street Media Don’t Bore Us

DBU has a penchant for all things pop and alternative music. While new to the scene, Don’t Bore Us is easily found, right in the middle of the dance floor.

If Harry Styles is planning something, Don’t Bore Us knows about it. If Panic! at the Disco is teasing something, Don’t Bore Us is all over it. If Twenty One Pilots is in town, you’ll find us in the front row.

Key Demographic:

16-28 year old, Female
Also love: Fashion, Live Events, Food, Technology

Key Numbers:

Followers on Facebook
Active Twitter Followers


DBU Official Page and DBU owned Justin Bieber Fan Page
Seventh Street Media BRAG

The BRAG covers music, arts, pop culture, theatre, comedy, food, current affairs, and more – focusing nationally and beyond.

Launching in 2003 as a print-only magazine, The BRAG's online offering has since grown from a mere subset of our Sydney-based street press to a nationally-focused, internationally-read publication in its own right.

Our fortnightly magazine hits the streets every other Wednesday, and contains a compendium of in-depth features, interviews, arts coverage, and updates on what's going down around the city, and the wider world.

Key Demographic:

18-30 year old, Male & Female
Also love: Movies, festivals, alcohol, technology, travel, Fashion

Key Numbers:

21,000 followers on Facebook generating 500,000 monthly reach
20,000 active daily newsletter subscriptions
1,000 drop points around Sydney (cafes, bars, JB HiFi, creative/design/media agencies, offices (e.g. Red Bull)


The Brag Street Press, The Brag Official Page, The Brag Facebook, The Brag Twitter.
The Industry Observer

At its core, The Industry Observer is illuminating, informative and at times, argumentative – but in a non-provocative way.

We aim to inform and surprise our readers by delivering honest, insightful content that’s just as accessible to the university student still deciding on their career path as it is to a major label chairman.

Key Demographic:

Music industry professionals, bands, artists, students
Also love: Sports, drama, technology, innovation, education, music gear, travel

Key Numbers:

17,000 active newsletter subscriptions


The Industry Observer website, The Industry Observer official Facebook page, The Industry Observer Twitter, The Industry Observer Newsletter.
Seventh Street Media J Play

J Play is the trusted source for what’s being played on Australia’s national youth radio network triple j.

Featuring the weekly adds, most played lists and spotlights, along with top unsigned and unpublished artists, it’s the go-to for what new music is being heard around Australia.

Key Demographic:

Music industry professionals, bands, artists
Also love: Sports, drama, technology, innovation, education, music gear

Properties :

J Play website, J Play official Facebook page, J Play Twitter, J Play Newsletter.

Our Podcasts



From weird cults to insanely stupid inventions, musical festivals run by infants to philandering politicians, the history of man is littered with terrible decisions. This is the podcast that collects up all these delicious pieces of humour fruit, and serves them to you each week with segments such as “Trainwreck Trophy”, “One Star Reservoir”, “Poos in the News” and of course “Sh!tshow Shtorytime”.


Welcome to Medallica: Minnows vs The World! Join Gus and Rig as they follow the journeys of the countries striving to experience Olympic success for the first time, with a focus on three central figures – Rachid Sidibe (Burkina Faso), Kim Collins (Saint Kitts and Nevis) and Yonas Kinde (Refugee Olympic Team). We also look at the Rio Olympics as a whole in our segment “Apocolympics Now”, and bring you a feature each episode on countries who might break the duck during the Rio Olympics. It’s the Olympics podcast you always wanted, but never had.

The Industry Observer Podcast

Hosted by Seventh Street Media’s Managing Editor Poppy Reid and presented by APRA AMCOS.


More than 90,000 music creators rely on APRA AMCOS to get paid when their music is used. Australasia’s leading music rights management organisation licenses organisations to play, perform, copy or record music, and distributes the royalties to its members. APRA AMCOS. Made by music.

How I Got Here


CEO of Seventh Street Media Luke Girgis interviews his favourite artists about their journey through the music industry industry and how they got to where they are today.

Fear At The Top


CEO of Seventh Street Media Luke Girgis interviews heads of companies in the music industry about how they got to where they are as well as all the mistakes they’ve made, what they’ve learned from running their hugely successful companies.